methylcheck.plot_controls(path=None, subset='all', return_fig=False)

internal array QC controls (available with the –save_control or –all methylprep process option)

can either be a path to the file, or a path to the folder containing a file called ‘control_probes.pkl’, or it can be the dictionary of control dataframes in control_probes.pkl.
subset (‘staining’ | ‘negative’ | ‘hybridization’ | ‘extension’ | ‘bisulfite’ |
‘non-polymorphic’ | ‘target-removal’ | ‘specificity’ | ‘all’):

‘all’ will plot every control function (default)

return_fig (False)
if True, returns a list of matplotlib.pyplot figure objects INSTEAD of showing then. Used in QC ReportPDF.

if there are more than 30 samples, plots will not have sample names on x-axis.